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Your Moustache Questions and Answers

Hey, feel free to post your moustache-related questions in the comments below and I will be glad to answer them for you. Feel free to offer your own answers and experience as well.

Here are what I have so far:


“How long did it take for you to get to the stage when you could call your stache a handlebar? I mean how long from a growth starting at bare lip to handlebar did it take?”

Eric’s Answer: Unfortunately, the date in my camera was messed up so I don’t have accurate dates on pictures but one image i have shows good curls at three months from bare skin, so I estimate two months for anything really worth waxing up.


“Eric, Do you think you will trim you HB at some near future date or are you planning on growing it a lot larger?”

Eric’s Answer: I just cut some of the longest hairs as my curls were more than 360 degrees and they were pretty hard to contain. I may shorten them a bit more after the Moustachio Bashio November 12 this year so they stop at the top of the curl. I won’t be trimming over my upper lip, though. That stays full length. At 16 months now I am coming to the observation that my moustache doesn’t really grow expecially long at the sides, but does have a great curl and that suits me.

By the way, the middle of the moustache doesn’t keep growing like the side curls can. It ususally stops at one or 1.5 inches. I’ve seen some at over that and they are awesome to behold.


“Eric, that is interesting about different growth lengths of hair in your HB. I never realized that each hair on the upper lip may have a different potential for ultimate length.”

Eric’s Answer: Yes, the longer hairs are usually outside the corners of the mouth and the hairs inward from there tend to be .5 to 1.75 inches in most men. I have a mixture of lengths in that range.





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  1. After about 8 months of growth, my handlebar is lookin pretty wicked! I trimmed off some split end and some extra long strays, but otherwise it is a fully grown walrus/handlebar.

    My question: Do you know anything about “genetic growth potential”? Meaning basically, thats as long as it gets after a certain amount of time. I’m 27 and when pulled down, it covers my lower lip, half way to the bottom of the chin. My stache first started growing in around 13/14 and always has been the predominant feature of my facial hair growth.

    Does it continue to grow in fulness and length even after some start to fall out and/or split?


    • Good question. When I first started growing it out I though it would all keep growing, but that hasn’t happened. Just as our eyebrows and lashes don’t keep growing in length, mMoustache middle hair doesn’t grow like beard hair that can reach feet in length. And that makes sense, considering it would just get in the way of the mouth.

      Yes, your moustache hair will have a limit to its length. All the hairs are growing at their own schedule. Some are young, some are in the middle of the growth cycle, some have stopped growing, and some have fallen out and not yet started growing. When you stop cutting it you will gradually find fewer and fewer hairs with cut ends. When you find none of these you will be near the natural fullness you genes will allow. Then, once the younger hairs reach full length you are maxxed out. For me this took about 6 months, and my moustache has not gotten longer or bushier in the middle.

      As for the curls, the hair toward and beyond the corners of your mouth will tend to grow longer, but even they may have a limit. Mine nearly reached my ears before I decided to cut it so my natural, tight curls would not form rings – which I don’t want. That’s a 10 inch span, but there were few hairs that reached that length. Other guys may have many hairs that long. Mine were few and straggly so I cut them back.

      You will have your own genetically determined hair texture, curl, color, speed of growth, length, location and population density. Everyone is different. Some guys, like my brother, can’t grow a decent moustache at all, but others grow monsters. A number of guys notice that one side grows thicker or faster than the other. After a few months you will get a sense of its ultimate length for the middle by checking for hairs with no cut ends. The curls/sides will also have a limit, but that will take much longer to discover, and your personal choice of style will determine if you want to wait that long.

      So yes, it will stop somewhere. Whether to trim the longest hairs or not is up to you and what you want to put up with. In theory you might not want to cut any just so they are there waiting for the other hairs to catch up. If you have the genetic length and bushiness you need for a larger moustache you may need to wait a few years to attain that growth in the curls.

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