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Scotland Bound 2013

I’ve never done any decent tourism outside the USA in my adult life and I’ve decided to plan a great trip for myself to one of my favorite countries for next year – Scotland. (I will also pop over to Paris – gotta see that since I’ll be in the neigborhood). I’ve always loved Scotland. I especially enjoy the Scottish accent(s), which rivets me. I’ve made two kilts for myself from jeans. Not sure how that will go over but I’ll take one, plus something in tartan.

So, just saying this because I would like suggestions, recommendations and connections if anyone has any over there. I also want to learn to understand the common Scottish dialect(s) so I’m not lost in conversation. I heard someone said they had a hard time understanding what some said. I aim to keep costs down but have a real good taste of Scotland for about a week. I’ve heard August is a good weather time of year – I don’t like the cold.

And I will NOT restrain myself from picking up a Scottish accent. Nor will I try to get rid of it when I come back. Be warned! lol.

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