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Salvador Dali’s Birthday and His Surreal Moustache

Today (May 11) we can celebrate the birthday of one of history’s and art’s and the moustache’s most famous persons. Salvador Dali is known in our hirsute world for his awesome and outstanding moustache style, with waxed points of any length sticking upward or at an angle.

At right is my tribute to Sr Dali.

Dali was an eccentric, surrealist painter and sculptor from Spain, born 108 years ago today. Born in 1904 in Catalonia, he was encouraged in the arts by his family. His first tastes of success in the art world occurred in the late 1920s and he rapidly gained prominence in the Surrealist movement. He was classically trained n art and contemporary with Picasso, Miro, Breton, Ernst and Magritte. His skills and vision and modernist techniques enabled him to puzzle, wow the public, and the body of his work over the years ensured him a place in art history.

Dali also produced films and novels, and all his works are filled with bold, dream-like symbolism and scientific and spiritual themes. His public personal was as amazing as his works of art, and he loved the spotlight until his later years, when he became more reclusive. He passed away January 23, 1989.

So thank you, Salvador Dali, for your energy, for stirring up the art world, for your massive originality, and for your awesome moustache style.

Here’s an interesting article by someone who spend a weekend with Dali

Here’s a page at with more about Dali’s art.

Here’s a link to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

Here’s Dali himself on “What’s My Line” TV show.


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