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Before and After I Stopped Trimming my Moustache

It’s amazing how different changes in facial hair can make you look. Below are pictures that are taken two years apart, the last being newest, with my handlebar moustache. The first pic is how I looked mid-2010, just before I decided to grow out my moustache and stop cutting my hair. My hair was usually 1 to 3 inches long all my adult life. I haven’t cut it since I buzzed it like this in June 2010.

Buzz cut just before growing HB

I had a goatee for a while, but as it got grayer and grayer I sent it packing.

A very different look. My attempt at a good pic taken in the bathroom by myself.

Oct 2010 with Handlebar Moustache

I’ve had a moustache all my adult life, but only had a handlebar mustache briefly around 1986 and again starting this year (2010). Here’s my fledgling handlebar moustache.

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