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Moustache Averts Toddler Tantrum

I was in a grocery store the other day.  While walking down an aisle I was approaching a shopping cart with a toddler in it, the mother busy searching for something on the shelves. The small child, sized like he was maybe just about to learn to walk, was starting to fuss. Neither of them had noticed me yet. As I was about 8 feet from the cart I saw the kid looked like he was just starting to enter a big crying fit, face beginning to contort and the vocalization starting.

Mr Moustache swings into action: With my handlebar in Prize Winning Curls (using glue stick, of course) I caught his attention and scrunched up my face into a big moustached smile. His nascent expression of toddler grief turned into a big smile and he laughed! The mother never noticed I was there, and I quietly passed by to continue my shopping. All so worth it.

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