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Kickstarter Book Project: Max and the Magnificent Moustache

Here is a worthy Kickstarter project we can support. They have a goal of $6000.00 to publish the book.

Max, an 8 year old boy mysteriously grows a mustache; but what happens when his cute curly tufts grow out of control?

This whimsical story is about Max, an eight year old boy with a penchant for of all things, MUSTACHES! Max goes to great lengths to try to grow a mustache, he even eats liver and onions (ewhhh) all to no avail; till one day Max mysteriously grows a mustache and it’s everything he ever wished for. Max becomes an overnight celebrity, the youngest person to win a national mustache competition and grace the cover of Mustache Magazine; but his mustache grows out of control and the situation becomes pretty hairy when nothing can control his unruly whiskers…

max and the magnificent moustache

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