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Help for the Beard-challenged


My name is Eric. I can’t grow much of a beard.

It’s thin on the sides and has a blank area the size of a golf ball just left of my chin. I can grow a good goatee and great moustache, but my beard sides ain’t much. Apparently there isn’t enough protein left after the thick hair on my legs gets done with my blood stream.

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It looks a LOT better in the photo than it did in real life.

Over the years since I grew my handlebar moustache I have run into a handful of men who just can’t grow a moustache. They envied me. My mo grows out pretty nice. Then, about a year ago I decided to give my beard a try. I had never had much faith in it. The hairs seemed a bit far apart. So I let it grow for six or seven months. by June 2014 it had reached about three or four inches on my chin, and yes, the sides were as thin as I had feared. I went through those few months hoping it would fill in, and wondering if hair transplants were affordable. They aren’t. One place if Vegas where I live charges a minimum of $4000 for ‘basic beard restoration’, not counting the $100 consultation fee.

I envied men who grew nice, thick, dark beards. I jonesed on web sites like betterwithbeard and others. I hunted Tumblr for beard web sites and found too many. Pinterest. Instagram. I yearned.

Well, I gave it a shot. I had a ‘beard’ for a little while, and June 1 I cut it down to a short goatee and my moustache. I look fine.

And one day while meditating it came to me. I don’t need a beard, or even a moustache. Yes, they are fun and can have a great effect, but who I am inside as a person is what will come across in any interaction. So, confidence and self-respect, respect for others and such aspects of good character will be my beard. Confidence makes a man or anyone look better. It’s like magic.

And now for a funny video on the topic.

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