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Guess Who Won 1st Prize at the Mustachio Bashio Contest 2011!

I did! Yay! One of the most awesome moments of my life.

First prize was $1000 cash, plus a great experience. It was a total blast and I am stoked.

I dressed as an old west waiter with my hair in a ponytail, a gold jaquard vest that I made for the contest, long apron and a old style chrome tray with fake whiskey shots and bottle on it (glued in place). There are some pictures are HERE at my Picasa web album.  They were taken by Tom of who is an artist, photographer, body painter, hair stylist and probably more. Big, tall talented guy.

More pictures are at this link.

The judges said in had a great moustache and the best presentation style. My personal moustache quote proves true: “It’s not always the moustache you carry, but it’s always how you carry the moustache.” Here’s a picture of me moments after hearing I won. What a rush!!!!


And below is me and the second and third place winners:

Eric Tischler winning the mustachio bashio mustache contest and the Silverton Casino 2011

 Yes, they put my sash on upside down.

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