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Don’t Rip Out Your New Moustache

man grasping his handlebar moustache with pliers as if to rip out the hairs

In the great Handlebar Club Forum at I read a member’s post where he described his nervous habit of pulling on his newly growing handlebar moustache and how he caused a lot of damage to it during a suspenseful movie on night. Everyone is different in their degree of fiddling with themselves, and most guys find they get very preoccupied with their newly expanding handlebar moustache and almost can’t stop looking at it, touching, preening, grooming, etc. It took about 6 months for me to get over that. That is a qualified “get over” as I still fuss with it a bit, but not nearly like the first 6 to 9 months. It’s a very new look for most, and it takes a while to build the new self image, as well as overcome any sense of self-consciousness.

While I’m not a nervous puller/fiddler I do handle it absent mindedly while doing other things like reading or web browsing. I also pull gently on my moustache specifically to remove hairs that are on their way out anyway. I can feel when they start to loosen in the follicle and would rather remove them at a discrete moment than have them fall out in front of others, into food I’m preparing or whatever.

Each hair grows for only so long a period of time. The middle hairs grow for a few months and stop. They sit there for a while and then start to break loose. I can feel when they begin to do this, as the follicles have very sensitive nerves. And if there is any curl to your hair you will sometimes see a hair that is suddenly sticking out in a very strange and individualistic direction. This can mean that it’s just out of place, but also when the hair breaks loose it can turn in the follicle and be out of alignment with the rest of the growth. If you can pull this out with a very gentle pull you will probably see the end of it has a tiny white ball where dead skin cells have accumulated. End of story. In a few days a new hair will begin to grow there.

A lot of guys fret at losing hairs here and there while applying wax or glue, but I tell you they were about to come out anyway. If they come out with a gentle pull today, they would have fallen out in a few days anyway. I estimate I lose two to five hairs a day from my moustache. At the same time I have that many starting to grow again, so no sweat. This is how nature repairs your moustache.

Usually I don’t wear wax or glue, so my fiddling is unobstructed. While you are still in the fussing habit – or if you are a nervous moustache puller – you may be able to protect your mo by keeping it waxed or well glued so you are blocked physically. Glue stick and Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky glue are quick to apply and favorites of mine for that and other reasons.

So be nice to your moustache. It will make you rich, handsome and admired by millions.



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