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All You Need to Know About Movember

Hello Gentlemen!


As you know, November is Movember, but every month is a good month to check your junk for health reasons. Not it’s not new, but don’t let that stop you. The purpose of it is, by many accounts, two-fold:

  • To spread awareness of men’s health issues including testicular and prostate cancer risks and prevention – and perhaps even alternative/complementary treatments.
  • To get more fine moustaches and beards started!

Some Movember myths:

  • “You have to shave off your existing moustache and start again.” NO. No you don’t. Just put your moustache under the noses of others, figuratively speaking. Mention Movember, men’s health facts, and how awesome the other fellow would look with a moustache and or beard.
  • “You have to shave your Movember mo off at the end.” NO. I recommend you let it grow a few more months to see what a handlebar moustache will look like. You may fall in love with it, like so many do.
  • “It’s embarrassing to mention men’s health issues to other men.” NO. You’ve got the balls, so have the balls to prevent another man from losing his balls or his life. Would you want to be alterted to what you can do to save yourself? So would everyone else. Be brave. You don’t have to teach them how to check for lumps on their testicles, just get them to look it up and test themselves accordingly.
  • “Other guys probably already know this stuff.” NO. You would be surprised how few men are uninformed or misinformed or know and still don’t check out if their junk is as healthy as it should be. Remind them.

So hang in there with what’s hanging! You deserve it, an nobody deserves to suffer from their ignorance. Take the leap and make a contribution to the world.

And please read this great article. The web site is terrific in itself.

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