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Handlebar Moustache Grooming Part 1

If you are new to possessing a handlebar mustache you may encounter a few frustrations as you become accustomed to caring for it, mostly about finding the right wax if you use any, or in determining your preferred style or styling options, but don’t let deter you. As your moustache grows longer and fuller you and it will go through phases of satisfaction and dissatisfaction both with styles and styling products. Stick with it and be patient.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, there will be days when you hate and love your moustache. May I suggest you vow to hold out for at least six months to become accustomed to having it in your life. Also, while it is of course a potentially fascinating part of your face and life, try not to look at it every ten minutes. Check it now and then to see that it’s behaving and then forget about it. Otherwise you may become too self-conscious and that’s not good for you or your relationship with the mou.

Grooming your Mustache: Some of us men aren’t used to fussing over something like a handlebar mustache. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fussing. Some guys already do a bit of fussing over their looks already. Just get used to the fact that a moustache of the awesome sort needs some care. It’s not vain unless you get vain about it. Keep it in perspective and you’ll be fine.

Before you wash it check under it for flakes. If you are getting any accumulation of dead skin cells then use a dry, stiff tooth brush to exfoliate while the skin is dry. Just brush in a couple of directions until the flakes are gone. This is healthier for your skin and looks better up close for your closeup moments.

moustache-toastonplate470-300x2251Wash it with good shampoo rather than soap. If you want to get all your wax out easily I recommend Dawn dish liquid soap as it will get anything out. You can use it on your grooming tools, combs and brushes also. You don’t need conditioner if you use any sort of wax-like product as the conditioner will be irrelevant when you apply the product. Some men like to apply leave-in conditioner or maybe jojoba oil after washing to give it a nice “moisturizing”.

If you don’t use product on your handlebar moustache then be aware that after you eat it may have food odors on it and you might want to give it a quick wash in the sink, even if you are dining out. You don’t want to go around smelling like a burrito or whatever for the rest of the day. If your moustache is waxed or glued and generally out of food’s way you’re fine. You wouldn’t want to be washing and rewaxing it anyway.

By the way, while eating it’s a good idea to be mindful you can collect some food crumbs on your moustache so you might want to wipe with a napkin frequently during your meal, especially when dining in the presence of others. Tip: eat toast buttered side down to keep the spread off your crumb catcher.

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