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man with a handlebar moustache shaving his face with a safety razor

My first non-electric shave in 35 years!

Hey! Handlebar Moustache Life is created and operated by me, Eric Tischler. I have a cat, am a single man, straight, spiritually oriented. I knit some, too (see www.knitforbrains.net).

In addition, I and a web designer and consultant. Please visit www.starfatherdesign.com

I also prepare books for publishing as ebooks and for print.

My handlebar moustache adventure started in early July of 2010. It was .25 inches long on July 4 when I decided to see what it would do. I never trimmed it again until the afternoon before the contest Nov 19, 2011 (see below), when I took off about 1 inch of the curl so it wouldn’t form closed rings. It was going round and round.

This little trim apparently did no harm, as  that evening it was a crowning achievement for me and my moustache actually winning the grand prize for best moustache at the 2011 Mustachio Bashio at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas. There is a post or two  about that somewhere here and a link to pictures.

Let’s hear it for looking a little odd!

I hope you enjoy the content here . I will be adding stuff as quickly as possible to build it up.

I’m open to your suggestions and input. If you would like to contribute links, pictures or even articles, please do so. Answer the survey, too, if you like. I look forward to hearing from you.

- Eric