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2013 Online Handlebar Moustache Contest – Contestants Gallery

We had a great turn out  for the General Handlebar Moustache Category in this year’s Online Contest. We have 61 in General Handlebar Category and 11 in Dalí Moustache Category.

There are some stupendous handlebar moustache’s here. Even I’m a bit jealous of some.

I encourage you to join moustache contests whenever you can. Show the world YOUR great mo. Be proud of what you have. The handlebar moustache is meant to be seen, and even if yours isn’t the greatest of greats you may give encouragement to others who are starting out.  Show us what you’ve got anyway, and join in for a bit of fun and spotlight.

The judging will proceed beginning tomorrow morning. Results will be posted as soon as I hear back from the judges, MMA fighter Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall and Burlesque Queen Dita von Teese.

MMA fighter Ian McCall and Burlesque Queen Dita von Teese judges for handlebar moustache contest

Please welcome the Contestants!

Dalí Category

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General Handlebar Category

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